A Key In the Ignition

So I know that this first entry on the fantastic blog of two not-so-ordinary teenagers will probably be read only by our mothers but I believe, or rather, we believe, it is the start of something that could catapult us from a small town in Idaho to something bigger, like San Francisco or New Orleans.  Nobody has ever accused us of dreaming too small.

And that is really what this blog is.  A spur of the moment dream, which is what most of our lives consist of.  Like the time we decided to dread our hair or the time we went to the grocery store to scope out cute boys and ended up buying root beer in glass bottles (really , the only good kind).  Our dreams are big, ridiculous , and most of the time we fail but if you ask me, that’s half the fun.

Hold on tight.   We have no idea how to drive and I don’t think the brakes work.

From the world of the not-so-ordinary,

Maggie and Joey



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