Us and Other Really Important Things

    It’s the next day, just about twenty hours since we uploaded our first post, and we realized  that a few things need to be established. 

1. Who are we?
    Two teenage girls who plan to pursue a career in journalism.  Maggie is a writer who wants to be a war correspondant and has a pet snake.  Joey wants to be an extreme photojournalist and the one with the dreads.  As best friends who know each other inside out, we love horror movies, Monster Energy Drinks, people watching and stories.

2. Why did we start a blog?
    To be noticed for our photography and writing skills.  We figured practice makes perfect, right?

3. What is the purpose of Pictues and Pens?
    To document our daily lives because we plan on being something someday and believe this is a great way to start.

5. Why are we writing to “you”?
    Maggie started writing it that way because it felt right.  Plus, we have no idea what we are doing or whether we are doing this right.

Don’t care what nay Sayers say,
They can only hate all day.
Life may not be roses on a bed.
That should not scare you.
-John Tapestry

From the world of the not-so-ordinary,

Maggie and Joey


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