No School Spirit

As we are from a small town, the school spirit at our school is severely lacking.  Barely anybody goes to the games and even fewer go to the dances.  Needless to say, we are terrible.  Our football team has been in a “transition” year since my freshman year and the players are never confident they’ll win.

Unfortunately tonight was the homecoming game and that could only mean one thing…..

What I noticed at the Homecoming Pep Rally:

  1. Only about half the school shows up.  This puts the head count at about 300.
  2. We are separated into classes. “Class of 2015, over here!”  This divides us so that there are huge gaps on the bleachers.
  3. The freshman have no idea what is going on.  They don’t cheer and/or they sit in the wrong place or with the upper class-men.
  4. The teachers are stoic and unresponsive.  The marching band played for 10 minutes and not one staff member clapped or smiled.  They look like they are being tortured.
  5. We do the same thing every year.  Four oily men carry our school’s mascot around the gymnasium, then he fights our rival of that night.  The same teacher makes a speech and the cheer and dance team preform.

An Unfortunate Conversation Overheard Today:

Student 1: “We are playing so-and-so tonight.  Do you think we have a chance?”

Student 2: “No.” *snicker*  “Do we ever?”

(sigh)  I guess this epitomizes our existence so far.

from the world of the not-so-ordinary,



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