I love the outdoors. i would probably spend all of my time outside if the weather in Idaho wasn’t so bipolar. Anyway the other morning i decided to take my dog (Lancelot) and go hiking in the hills, behind my house. i got about five steps before my mom burst through the front door and asked where i was going, i explained that it seemed like a nice morning to go for a hike and she responded by saying “oh thank god, i was worried that you were sneaking out to see a boy!” i just looked at her for a second and started laughing but after we cleared that up and i was in the hills, i came to an area where you could look back and see the whole town and i thought about how so many people in town always complain that there is nothing to do in our little town and i realized that there are so many things you can do, but that they are outside and that no one ever thinks that it’s just that simple. So many people take the outdoors for granted and i hope that someday we all will learn how beautiful the outdoors really is.

from the world of the not-so-ordinary,




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