Mr. Rodgers, Dora, Full House and Friends

When I was a kid one of my favorite shows was Mr. Rodgers.  You know, the one where he enters the house and exchanges his sweater for an exact same one and had an imaginary world in his walls?  If you don’t know who Mr. Rodgers is Google it or look him up on youtube.

I remember the day he died, or the day I was told he died.  I wasn’t really sad that Mr. Rodgers the person was dead (little kids don’t think of people they haven’t met as actual people.  This isn’t out of cruelty; they just don’t have a realistic perspective on the world.) I was sad that the show was going to be cancelled.  Mom later explained to me the magic of reruns.

I don’t even know why I liked that show so much.  Now when I watch it or think about it, I get a bit of a creepy tingly feeling and wonder if whoever created/wrote all that sweater-changing, shoe-exchanging, imaginary kingdom madness must certainly been high or schizophrenic.

The show does have a calming element to it that shows like Mikey Mouse Clubhouse and Word Girl lack.  In fact, I remember when most shows were a lot more soothing and less stimulating.  Gone are the days when a little Hispanic girl explored her world, teaching us the same Spanish words in every episode and talked to her map.  Gone are the days of Uncle Jesse and fetus Mary-Kate and Ashleys and learning about growing up.  Nobody sits around in the Central Perk making fun of Ross or expiriencing Rachals newest drama.

All these tv shows were simple and interesting.  Shows today are lame spin off versions of old shows or entertain incredibly stupid plots.

Raise your hand (or click the like button) if you feel me.

Is this a metaphor for our lives?  That 10, even 20 years ago, life was better?

My Thoughts on These Days:

The world moves to fast.  Period.  It has been becoming all too clear to me as I start to graduate to adulthood and I found myself cringing when I realized there were only 24 hours in a day.  How many times a week do we say that we ‘don’t have time’?  Faster cars, planes and Internet and we still ‘don’t have time’.  What are we filling our time with?

Heck, I don’t have any idea.  I’m only a teenager and while we might pretend we have all the answers, that’s far from the truth.

From the world of the not-so-ordinary,



One thought on “Mr. Rodgers, Dora, Full House and Friends

  1. Interesting…since you saw each of those shows at motels (we did travel quite a bit) and friend’s homes primarily. You have an amazing memory. The day I told you he died, you and I were on a trip with your 2 week old brother in Denver. You cried and cried and occasionally brought it up over the next year in tears. You’re adorable. Great thoughts. You probably saw Dora more often at our house because we would get the DVD from the library for you to watch during your brothers nap time.


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