Today Joey felt a little sick so I came up with a list of things that make her feel better.  (Disclosure: These might not necessarily make the normal human being feel better.)


  1. Cats.  I hate them and she gets a kick out of it so whenever I screech and run away she cracks up, picks up the creature and murmurs in his ear how beautiful the ugly son of a nutcracker is.
  2. Dollhouse by Melanie Martinez.  Its morbid and scary and truthful.
  3. Chloe Howl.  Any Chloe Howl song.  ‘Nuff said.
  4. Urban Exploring.  Not that we’ve done it but she literally spent a few hours searching for this one school in this tiny remote town that she wanted to explore.
  5. Her dad.  Seriously, every time she talks about him she has this huge grin on her face and she thinks he’s amazing.
  6. Photos.  On every trip she takes she never lets anyone else take pictures.
  7. Necklaces.  This girl has a million different necklaces for a billion different occasions.
  8. Antique Shops.  Check out our profile picture.  She got us matching necklaces from a local antique shop.
  9. Math.  Just kidding, she hates math but our class is fun because we sit together.
  10. Pottery.  I think it calms her and she likes to make things her own.

JoeyJoBear, I hope you feel better:)

from our world of the not-so-ordinary,



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