The Hug Song

Yesterday i walked into class and saw that a good friend of mine (she has the class before me) was crying and so i went over and gave her a hug and she went to her next class and i went back to my seat. Maggie sits behind me and so she decided to make up a song about hugs, and sing it. this is how it went:

Sometimes all you need is a hug,
Sometimes some people need more hugs than others!
There (pause) are different kind of hugs you can get to switch it up a little!
Some can make you feel good,
Some can make you feel bad,
like one from a creeper,
or one from your best friend!
Chorus: #Truth
Sometimes I need a hug because my shirt is static-y and that makes me feel bad!
But if you hug someone you have to make sure the time is right and true!
Or the hugee will kick you.  And it will hurt!
From the world of the not-so-ordinary,

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