“We accept the love we think we deserve.”-Perks of Being A Wallflower

Although my knowledge of love in all its forms is limited, I have known what it like to be loved and to love in return.   Without further ado…..


1.  Put others before yourself.  If you truly love someone this will be easier than if you don’t (duh).  The service club I am in has a motto: Service Above Self.  Because we love the world and the people in it we are willing to let their needs go before ours.

2. Love them 100%. You don’t get to pick the days you love them.  You love them on the bad days and the good days, the bland days and the vibrant days.  When they screw up, forgive them (this also does wonders on your heart) and give them a second chance.  Nobody’s perfect.  In Thomas Hardy’s Tess of the D’Ubervilles she loves Angel even though he can’t forgive her for her mistake.  This causes both of them years of pain and grief; wasted when they could have been loving one another.

3. Every love and relationship is different.  Nobody told you that both people had to be beautiful and perfect with the whole thing figured out.  There are going to be awkward moments, rocky spots and the best of times.  You have to…, scratch that…..get to be there for all of it.  The people watching you don’t see the rough spots or the private times at home that you expirience. 

4.  Every person is different. Everybody has issues.  And sometimes those issues will never change because thats just who they are.  So they are a neat freak or constantly talk about Justin Bieber, who cares?  There is someone out there for everyone and if they aren’t the one for you, keep looking.  Don’t expect to change anyone.

5. Be nice. There is not situation that has been solved with angry words or scathing remarks.  Smile and use a tender touch.

Go forth tonight and love your loveable loved ones:)

From the world of the not-so-ordinary,



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