Do you read your local paper?  Surf the ‘net for the latest and greatest?  How ’bout watching the tely for a little late night?  If anyone of these is true, can you say that you are well informed?  That you know all the sides of the story and are ready to make a well-educated case?

Me neither.

According to my father we aught to know all there is so that we can see the collapse of society and just grumble about it.  My mother knows what’s going on but doesn’t really search for all the facts from both parties.

When I was being taught how to format a news article, my editor told me that using just Fox News as a source isn’t acceptable.  That’s only half the story.  So I turn to Fox News, CNN, NYTimes, and the Washington Post, among others, for all the facts so that my article can be thorough and informative.

And that is what the ideal is.  Of course we all want to judge a situation fairly but we have these things called a bias and emotions.  Things that make us human.  And that’s okay.  Our lives are books and the pages ahead and behind are hid from us and the others reading.  You don’t know how the story began or ends and inferences are dangerous.

So the next time you think you know all the fact and are ready to jump to rash conclusions, stop.  Because I can almost guarantee there is more to the story.


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