Winters Epicly Stupid Arrival


This sucks

It snowed today.  November 2nd and our world was cast into a socked – in claustrophobic storm of misery.       

Its only the first month of winter and I already miss sunburns, boating and shorts.  I don’t wanna go skiing or sledding and hot chocolate makes me want to barf. 

I keep telling myself that these horrible puffs of white are beautiful and, for now, aren’t sticking.

Thanksgiving and Christmas Break!!

*me trying to make the best of this terrible conundrum.

Ode to summer, Whom I Miss
I remember when my skin was constantly hot and brown.
When life was dry except when you went to the lake.
Not being afraid of the cold or getting out of your warm bed in the mornings.
I don’t mind the bugs so much because their presense means summer.

From the world of the not-so-ordinary,


One thought on “Winters Epicly Stupid Arrival

  1. I see! I understand your sentiments, as well as snow lovers sentiments while on summer. 🙂 But what we have to do now is, enjoy what the the nature has given us and be thankful to Almighty Father that we are able to enjoy every season and everything that He has made. Have a great winter season to all of us! ^_^


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