Fearful Kittens

A four year old girl I know just got two new kittens.  And I hate cats. 

We were at her house for dinner tonight and all she wanted to do was play with me and the kittens.  So I held my breath and prayed they wouldn’t kill me.  By the end of the night I was doing pretty good.  I even held one.  And by that I mean I tried not to touch it while it clung to my shirt. 

While all this was happening I was in fight or flight mode and a pre-panic attack state. 

Cats are my big fear and Joey is scared of water. (We took her wake-boarding one time and she almost cried.)  My dad is scared of spiders and for my brother it’s snakes.  So what makes us have a irrational fear that sends us spiraling into our basal intincts? 

Most likely you had a tramatic expirience.  I was attacked by my cousins cat when I was young and have never gotten over their sharp claws and too – intelligent eyes. 

How can we get over our fears?  My mother, the expert on coping with life, says we need to face our fears and place ourselves in situations that force us to go through the trama.  I say we just never touch the dang things and avoid them at all costs.  But my method doesn’t seem to be working. 

Unfortunately my mother is right.  (I really hope she doesn’t read this or else I won’t hear the end of it for a few years.) 

Face your fears.  Take risks.  Leap when you get the chance.  Oportunities start popping up all over the map.

From the world of the not-so-ordinary,


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