Happiness and Dreams

Deep into that darkness peering, long I stood there, wondering, fearing, doubting, dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream before.

-Edgar Allan Poe

Reality is wrong.  Dreams are for real.

-Tupac Shakur


Joey and I talk about dreams on the way to school every single morning.  The girl has dreams that only she could dream up (get it?).

This morning was different.  I had to drive all the way to school by myself.  She’s gone at a family thing for two whole days!   And I had the best dream last night.   But I forgot it because I didn’t have anyone to tell it to.

Please pity me.

Just kidding.

But seriously, the ritual of dream-sharing that had subtly occurred over the last few months had suddenly ceased and I hardly knew what to do with myself.  Like it was essential to my morning routine and the rest of my day was based off her wacky imagination.  Was I dependent on Joey for happiness.

I asked myself this question subconsciously throughout the day.  And finally came up with an answer as I was skipping fifth hour and heading to my car.

No, my happiness is not based off anyone.  I had a wonderful day without Joey.  Sure it was a bit different but we technically only have one class together.  I have plenty of other friends who wish me to spend time with them.  And, this one is for any adults reading, “Class is not a social hour.  We are there to study and learn how to make this world a better place.”  JK, I don’t even really talk to anyone outside of school.

I am perfectly happy writing this post.  I am perfectly happy reading A Tale of Two Cities (which is amazing by the way).  I was even perfectly happy taking my Algebra test today (I will not be happy when I see my grade…).

My happiness is not dependent on others.

From the world of the not-so-ordinary,



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