Stuck in the Halfway

I have decided that my life is stuck in the halfway.  You know, the halfway place between two points on a graph.  I think my Algebra teacher would call it the medium.

I’m halfway in love with every boy I meet.

I’m halfway through about four books right now.

I’m halfway done my high school career.

I’m half-and-half on what the heck I want to do with the rest of my life.

I’m about halfway on the road to giving up.

I’m in the middle on whether I like people or not.

I’m halfway done with caring what others think.

I shall call them my “Halfway Points” and they shall be my “Halfway Points”.  (OH, hey, I’m halfway done writing this post and explaining my point!)  Why am I stuck in the halfway point you might ask?

I figure all of us are.  I don’t know if I can up with that to reassure myself or if it is truly the correct answer but its the one I’m going with.

Think about it.  Do you get to plan your time of death?  No, you go halfway through life or in the middle of a breath.  Do you get to chose if someone interrupts you (metaphorically and physically speaking)?  No, they butt in the in the middle of your sentence.  Do you get to finish every book on the libraries shelves?  NO, you will always only be halfway through with them all.  The world moves too fast for us to cover every little detail of our lives.  Most things will go unfinished.  And we need to be happy right where we are.

Because, in this moment, we are Here.

From the world of the not-so-ordinary,



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