Working that Nine to Five

First off, Happy Thanksgiving!

Second of all, I humbly apologize for my week long disappearance.  There was a ton going on at school, at home, in the freaking world, and so this was kinda pushed to a last priority.

But I’m back and hopefully Joey will be too when she gets home from Thanksgiving with her family.

This is how my Thanksgiving Break is going to go:

1. I have school Monday amd Tuesday.
2. I sleep in on Wednesday then go to my friends house and play video games for a few hours until my dad gets home.
3. Sleep in Thursday, go to Thanksgiving lunch with the family at my grandfather’s, then WORK FROM 6-10PM THAT NIGHT!
4. Work 9am-5pm on Black Friday and let my soul die a little inside me.
5.  Work 2-8pm on Saturday and feel the last pink fleshy bits of my hearts wrinkle and turn black, crusting off and blowing away in the wind.

Hope you all have a wonderful week and Happy Thanksgiving!

From the world of the not-so-ordinary,



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