The Emotional Purge

I went to Joey’s house after school Thursday and returned Saturday.  We were going to clean her room.  A simple task, if you are anyone but Jo.

There are three degrees of cleaning:

First Degree- this is the simple de-cluttering one does after a long day or week.  There might be a few stray clothes lying around or some papers on the counter by the phone that you need to shift through.

Second Degree- this involves the vacuum, Lysol, and maybe, possibly, the toilet scrubber.  This one is for the dirt and the built-up grime.  My mother does this for fun.

Third Degree- like the two levels before, this step involves de-cluttering, and the vacuum but this one also calls for a Hefty garbage bag and three or four days.  People who allow themselves to reach this stage are in a stage of denial.

Joey’s room was a strong third degree.  (As she reads this over my shoulder she says it was probably a fourth degree.)  There were old home-ade picture frames from her best friend in kindergarten, dozens of broken nick-nacks that were well past their prime, and plates that she thought were long gone but just resting under five layers of clothes and crap she didn’t need or was too lazy to throw it away.

I am proud of her.  There were a few tears and her heart had been beaten up some, but she knew it was time for her to let go of that old dial lock that was broken anyway.

Here are some before and after pictures:






This was not only a physical but a mental and emotional purging as well.  People with a clean and organized life and living space are freer and less stressed. Their work gets done on time and they feel like they have more free time.

I am on the opposite end of the spectrum.  I have no attatchments to anything.  Every other month or so I clean out my old papers and files, sorting through my closets and in shoe boxes.  Joey is overly attached and I am barely attached at all.

Comment below which one you think is better or if we are both just crazy.

From the world of the not-so-ordinary,

Maggie and Joey


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