Did you know? You probably did.

I bought some plants the other day and re-potted them in their own colorful pots.  There was a spider plant that had long delicate stems, two tiny cactus-like plants and a twisted bamboo plant.  I wanted to see if I could plant things and didn’t realize it was November and kind of a little out of season to be gardening.

Nevertheless I bought these lovely creatures and they sit still in my windowsill, soaking up the little sunlight they can.


  1. Plants convert CO2 into O2 for us, humans, and we in return convert O2 into CO2 for them.
  2. They brighten a room, thus lightening your mood.  Most have bright colors and graceful lines which aligns your brain and sooths it.
  3. They smell good, even if they aren’t flowers their naturally cool dirt-y odor is breathable and relaxing.
  4. They help with depression.  If you are stressed being around a plant helps you breathe and takes you to a natural, calm place.

Buy some plants, go outside, eat your veggies.  All things I am trying to do to get myself out of this dreadful winter funk.

Also check out Howcast’s How to Detox Your House with Plants:



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