Me Scary

I was called intimidating yesterday.  I don’t even know what that means!   The person who had told me I was went on to say that sometimes that’s why people didn’t approach me…because I was too intimidating.

Which is funny because most of the time I’m the one with the inferiority complex, not the other way around.   I find it hard to make friends with people who are better looking or more successful  or passionate.  Am I just not friendly?  Do I scowl?   Is my tone of voice harsh?   Is that why I’m still single?  I know I’m introverted but when I am in public or meeting new people I try to be out-going and fun, hoping that they will  like me.

I was also called high-maintenance.  Boom, double whammy!   Too hot to handle, folks!  Can’t touch this, na, na, nana!

Ok, be serious for a sec.  This actually kind of hurt.  Usually when you talk about someone who is intimidating, you picture someone dark and scary and unfriendly.   And when someone is high-maintenance, they are annoying and needy.

Does that mean I am scary, unfriendly, annoying and needy?  I don’t know, I do have friends (though not as many as other people).  I am sweet, when I want something.  And I don’t think I’m scary.  In fact, I’m down-right hilarious and vibrant!

I came to the conclusion that if you are too scared to talk to me because of a first impression, then I don’t want to be friends with you anyway.  Also, I shouldn’t be so scared to talk to those people I think are intimidating or high-maintenance.


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