Watching Football


When was that last time you watched a football game?  Since the Superbowl is drawing near and we are well into the season, the last game was probably last weekend.

My dad has a love affair with the Cowboys.  He just keeps coming back for more no matter how hard they kicked his heart last time. 

My knowledge of the game is limited.  I get made fun of when I cheer for the wrong team or ask what just happened. I get ridiculed when I yell home run when Aaron Rodgers threw a touchdown.  My mom just laughed when I asked if they got the rebound.  Yet I still love sitting in a bar with complete strangers rooting for a team that won’t change the world or feed hungry children.  The spirit of football is energizing and infectious.  Hearts rize, fall and break in a single moment because some player touched the ball before someone else. 

We were in Seattle for Christmas one year and attended the Seahawks vs. 49ers games on Christmas Eve.  We decided to be 49ers fans since the stadium was awash with blue.    My red jersey with Smith written on the back irked the guy behind me who was well into his cups by the end of the 1st quarter.  Soon we were tossing insults and peanut shells back and forth.  Me and Mr. Drunk Guy bonded over the mutual hate as did hundreds of others in the stadium. 

Sports bring people together.  They make people relax and forget about the more serious things of life.  Strangers talk and hug and pray in unison. 

So no matter how little I know or how many times I get corrected I will continue to love the game.

From the world of the not so ordinary,



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