Embarrassingly Old Journal Entry

I found an old journal entry that was quite embarrassing and the first thing I wanted to do was put it in a post so here it is!

  • all the names have been changed!


Finals! I’m so scared! I did okay last tri so I’m hoping that still will ring true. I took my driver’s ed final.  98%!  I missed one out of fifty!  Got the highest score in class.  I met a new friend!  Her name is Kimee and she’s a sweetheart.  I am also trying to reconnect with Karla.  I went to Warm Bodies (it was amazing, btw) with her and Joey last night and she was nice to hang out with.  She let go and was herself.  ANDREW SAID I WAS CUTE! And to Breanna, even!  Burn!  Then he wanted me to say I liked him (Breanna said she would give him up for me if I liked him) so she would leave him alone….(It is quite a dot, dot, dot moment.)  Andrew and I might hang out this weekend.  I’m trying to not let myself get too excited about it because what if it doesn’t happen.  Whatever.  I told him to get my number from Breanna.  If he does than that is going to be a very big burn!  haha.  I know its not very nice but…  Andrew kept walking by the drama hall today.  It just so happens that he looked like he was looking for someone and that is where I was hanging out.  He SURE wasn’t looking for Breanna.  I am trying to not get too excited about all of this in case nothing happens.  *sigh*

Nothing happened with Andrew.  I hadn’t even remembered who the poor boy was and ended up laughing hysterically when I reread it for the first time.  I was the epitome of a typical pre-teen girl.  I over analyzed just about everything!  To think these were my struggles two years ago.  Did you notice how many exclamation points I used?  It was a tad overdone.   Yikes!

From the world of the not-so-ordinary,



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