Starting Something New-ish

So its been a while folks and lots of new things have happened.

First, Joey and I got into AMC’s The Walking Dead.  We fell and we fell hard.  In fact it was like we had both taken a flying leap off the edge of a cliff and into the world of zombies and screwed up morals.   As die-hard Daryl Dixon fans and lovers of all things in the Ricktorship, we both can talk for hours about why Carol killed Lizzie or how amazing Carl is.

Second, I stopped eating added sugars.  This includes cakes, cookies, ice cream, frozen food, fast food, less-starches and carbs.  The aim was to eat more whole foods like fruits and veggies.  Joey joined in this past weekend, limiting her food choices yet again (she’s a vegetarian for any who didn’t know).    Suddenly I had to get creative with what I put into my mouth.  Leftovers became my best friend and I was ecstatic to realize my portions sizes dropped along with my intake of the crap most Americans eat.  I had more energy, was warmer, happier and  way more adventurous when it came to trying new foods.   Today we baked sugar-free muffins and they actually turned out pretty good!  Here’s the recipe if any of you would like to try to make them yourself.

our sugar free muffins

our sugar free muffins

Thirdly, I was invited to join a childhood friend in the Dominican Republic this upcoming summer.   She called me up one day and once my parents had agreed to send their eldest child overseas for a little over a week, I signed up for what would be one of the most exciting adventured of my life. The excursion includes zip-lining, climbing a mountain, beach time, helping locals with water and housing and just generally having the time of our lives.

Lastly, I take over my school paper in two weeks as editor.  I am terrified out of my mind and excited to unlock the mysteries of running my own newspaper.  I finished the templates and designs for my paper last week but am scared to actually print it.  Wish me luck, I guess!

From the world of the not-so-ordinary,



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