First Bloom


from the world of the not-so-ordinary, Joey



on Sunday i found out that my dog gets VERY jealous. i was at my aunts house and she has two dogs. well, i was petting my dog when one of the other dogs came over so i let go of my dog (Lancelot) for a second so that i could pet the other dog (Junior) for a little while, well i at least tried to do that but all of a sudden Lancelot turned in a circle and ran poor Junior over. he then sat right in front of me and leaned against me (and he is a big dog!) so i pet him for a while longer and tried to get on the couch, where Junior was, Lancelot jumped up turned in a circle and sat on Junior….needless to say i probably wont be getting another dog anytime soon.

From the world of the not-so-ordinary,


From A Pirate Ship Captain To His Love


from the world of the not-so-ordinary, Joey.

The waves rock this boat like my heart,

rattling around in this empty skeleton.

I watch each unpolluted sunset fall over the water,

knowing you’re probably watching it too.

You said I needed to be nicer to the crew,

so I said ‘please’ when I asked Boggs to swab the deck.

I see your flyaway hair in the corner of my eye and in every spyglass.

Will played his harmonica last night and I swore I heard your dainty feet dancing.

We captured a ship two days ago

and when we raised the Jolly Rodger I sent my heart with it hoping it would reach you.

Our prisoners smelled as sweet as you do.

They must take regular baths too.

My heart is still yours, princess.

From the world of the not-so-ordinary,