Embarrassingly Old Journal Entry

I found an old journal entry that was quite embarrassing and the first thing I wanted to do was put it in a post so here it is!

  • all the names have been changed!


Finals! I’m so scared! I did okay last tri so I’m hoping that still will ring true. I took my driver’s ed final.  98%!  I missed one out of fifty!  Got the highest score in class.  I met a new friend!  Her name is Kimee and she’s a sweetheart.  I am also trying to reconnect with Karla.  I went to Warm Bodies (it was amazing, btw) with her and Joey last night and she was nice to hang out with.  She let go and was herself.  ANDREW SAID I WAS CUTE! And to Breanna, even!  Burn!  Then he wanted me to say I liked him (Breanna said she would give him up for me if I liked him) so she would leave him alone….(It is quite a dot, dot, dot moment.)  Andrew and I might hang out this weekend.  I’m trying to not let myself get too excited about it because what if it doesn’t happen.  Whatever.  I told him to get my number from Breanna.  If he does than that is going to be a very big burn!  haha.  I know its not very nice but…  Andrew kept walking by the drama hall today.  It just so happens that he looked like he was looking for someone and that is where I was hanging out.  He SURE wasn’t looking for Breanna.  I am trying to not get too excited about all of this in case nothing happens.  *sigh*

Nothing happened with Andrew.  I hadn’t even remembered who the poor boy was and ended up laughing hysterically when I reread it for the first time.  I was the epitome of a typical pre-teen girl.  I over analyzed just about everything!  To think these were my struggles two years ago.  Did you notice how many exclamation points I used?  It was a tad overdone.   Yikes!

From the world of the not-so-ordinary,



Finding Your Writing Spot

   I am writing this from the second floor of the local public library after having scoured the shelves downstairs for books.  I retreated to this quieter area in the hopes of finding some inspiration for my next post.  And I did.  Seated behind the magazine racks at a long wooden table, I realize I’ve been here before.  I’ve sat in this very same seat for hours of homework, solitude and writing.  It wasn’t intentional, this constant returning, yet I believe my mind feels at home here, which is rare these days.
    There are many fantastical writing spots I dream of.  A tree house, in the middle of a dewy forest, filled with large comfortable pillows.  A drafty castle on the moors somewhere in northern Ireland.   A window seat in a tiny seaport cottage in Maine or Massachusetts.  An aluminum desk set in a crowded cubicle in the middle of a busy newspaper office, papers and a large monitored computer with the good sounding keyboard making it impossible to see the surface of said aluminum desk.
   But I have never written in any of those places. 
   The weird thing about your writing spot (or spots) is that you don’t choose them, they choose you.  Remember the whole “The wand chooses the wizard, Harry”?   It’s kinda like that.
    A Few Places My Writing Flows:
1. At the table behind the magazines on the second floor of the library.
2. At my standerd issue desk at the back of my English class when I really need to pay attention.
3. During US History when I’m almost asleep and my pencil is broken.
4. At 2:00 am when I need to hit the gym really early in the morning.
5. Halfway through my cheese and salami sandwich two minutes before the bell rings. 

   My inspiration  strikes at the most inconvinient of times and much writing is lost th at way.  But I’m okay with that because there are days like today, behind the magazines on the second floor of the library, where I do capture a few words and pin them down.

The Emotional Purge

I went to Joey’s house after school Thursday and returned Saturday.  We were going to clean her room.  A simple task, if you are anyone but Jo.

There are three degrees of cleaning:

First Degree- this is the simple de-cluttering one does after a long day or week.  There might be a few stray clothes lying around or some papers on the counter by the phone that you need to shift through.

Second Degree- this involves the vacuum, Lysol, and maybe, possibly, the toilet scrubber.  This one is for the dirt and the built-up grime.  My mother does this for fun.

Third Degree- like the two levels before, this step involves de-cluttering, and the vacuum but this one also calls for a Hefty garbage bag and three or four days.  People who allow themselves to reach this stage are in a stage of denial.

Joey’s room was a strong third degree.  (As she reads this over my shoulder she says it was probably a fourth degree.)  There were old home-ade picture frames from her best friend in kindergarten, dozens of broken nick-nacks that were well past their prime, and plates that she thought were long gone but just resting under five layers of clothes and crap she didn’t need or was too lazy to throw it away.

I am proud of her.  There were a few tears and her heart had been beaten up some, but she knew it was time for her to let go of that old dial lock that was broken anyway.

Here are some before and after pictures:






This was not only a physical but a mental and emotional purging as well.  People with a clean and organized life and living space are freer and less stressed. Their work gets done on time and they feel like they have more free time.

I am on the opposite end of the spectrum.  I have no attatchments to anything.  Every other month or so I clean out my old papers and files, sorting through my closets and in shoe boxes.  Joey is overly attached and I am barely attached at all.

Comment below which one you think is better or if we are both just crazy.

From the world of the not-so-ordinary,

Maggie and Joey

Working that Nine to Five

First off, Happy Thanksgiving!

Second of all, I humbly apologize for my week long disappearance.  There was a ton going on at school, at home, in the freaking world, and so this was kinda pushed to a last priority.

But I’m back and hopefully Joey will be too when she gets home from Thanksgiving with her family.

This is how my Thanksgiving Break is going to go:

1. I have school Monday amd Tuesday.
2. I sleep in on Wednesday then go to my friends house and play video games for a few hours until my dad gets home.
3. Sleep in Thursday, go to Thanksgiving lunch with the family at my grandfather’s, then WORK FROM 6-10PM THAT NIGHT!
4. Work 9am-5pm on Black Friday and let my soul die a little inside me.
5.  Work 2-8pm on Saturday and feel the last pink fleshy bits of my hearts wrinkle and turn black, crusting off and blowing away in the wind.

Hope you all have a wonderful week and Happy Thanksgiving!

From the world of the not-so-ordinary,